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Last weekend my friend Katarzyna Radlińska and I had pleasure to be participants at "The Central European Heritage Conference 2014", which was prepared by Budapest Multicultural Quarter "KultUnio".The whole organization of the conference was perfect. Despite the fact that it was our first visit to Budapest, we didn't feel left alone. Starting from our arrival at Budapest airport till the last day of our stay we were spending time in a company of heartfelt and really helpful people.
It was both educational & culturally enriching trip.

Słońce, Beskidy, Pieniny, polscy i węgierscy studenci. Zacznijcie odliczać do 21 sierpnia – po raz kolejny wyruszamy na Rajd Fundacji Twój Ruch. Kierunek: Szczawnica!

Ci, którzy byli rok temu – wiedzą, że przez te cztery dni warto być razem z entuzjastami przyjaźni polsko-węgierskiej w przepięknych górach otaczających wyjątkowe miasto. Zaplanowaliśmy wiele atrakcji – wyścigi, tańce, gry, ogniska z gitarą. Jednak największą atrakcją są ludzie i entuzjazm, którym możemy siebie nawzajem zarazić!

Zarząd Fundacji postanowił, że od 2014 roku Rajd będzie nosić imię Hrabiego Jánosa Esterházyego, polskiego i węgierskiego bohatera. János Esterházy, pośród licznych innych zasług, uratował wielu Polaków, Żydów, Czechów i Słowaków podczas II wojny światowej. Na szczawnickiej promenadzie rok temu została odsłonięta tablica upamiętniająca Hrabiego.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 13:26

Pastor Chojecki's car attacked again!

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“Unknown perpetrators” damaged Pastor Paweł Chojecki’s car again last night. This time the damage is more serious: a broken side window, a broken off door handle and a torn out lock. The Police have been informed.

Friday, 25 October 2013 15:47

Tyre in Pastor Chojecki’s car punctured

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Unknown perpetrators punctured a tire in Pastor Paweł Chojecki’s car (photo 1). Pastor Chojecki is the spiritual adviser to the Your Move Foundation and, privately, Eunika Chojecka’s, the press spokesperson of the foundation, father.

A specialist called upon the site stated that the damage had been done with a thin sharp tool. The fact that the tire was punctured in the side part makes it practically impossible to be caused while driving.

A week ago, on October 6th, a radical Polish leftist party – Ruch Palikota (Palikot's Movement) changed its name for Twój Ruch. It’s the same name as our Foundation’s name! Politics of the party admit they knew full well that a foundation called Twój Ruch has already existed, but they do not care… People mistake the Foundation’s volunteers for party activists and insult them in the street! In this situation we decided to sue this big political party for trespassing.

Wednesday, 04 September 2013 12:32

Your Move Presentation during the NGOs market in Budapest!

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Great thanks to Mr Szomolányi Attila and the Linum Foundation for inviting us to the IVF project ‘Active Citizenship, Visegrad and Central Europe’. Cooperation with You is a pure pleasure.

Fundacja Twój Ruch jest partnerem węgierskiej Fundacji Linum w projekcie "Active Citizenship" wspieranym przez Międzynarodowy Fundusz Wyszehradzki.

Your Move Foundation is a partner of Linum Foundation from Hungary in the IVF project ‘Active Citizenship, Visegrad and Central Europe’.

Thursday, 08 August 2013 01:51


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How to motivate young people to do hard things, be ambitious?
Starring: The organizers and participants of the Antall József Summer School, Budapest, July 2013

It was a quite difficult and exhausting trip but surely we'll have a whole range of memories. Not only we experienced lots of laughter and took part in different games and activities but we also learned Polish and Hungarian songs and dances.

Please fill in the application form for the I Polish-Hungarian mountain hike “Gorce 2013” and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. till this Thursday (25.04). You'll find it in the attached file below. It's not necessarily to sign the document at once. You can send us now an e-mail with the filled in application form without your signature and after we meet give us the printed, and signed by you, document.

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